Friday, August 6, 2010

Limbo Review!

Its really rare when you come by a game as innovated as Limbo especially when its only $15, now when I say innovated I only talk about the atmosphere and the art design of Limbo. This game is simplicity at its finest there are only two controls which is basic move and jump, the level design and how to proceed onwards into the depths of Limbo is comprised of a set of unique puzzles the map allows you to interact with, these can consist of a lever to activate zero gravity or the basic pushing boxes mechanisms. Limbo is a strange game for its kind, it relies on its setting, art style and illuminating environment to dazzle you through the entire game while you solve the odd puzzle here and there, the silhouette designs are instantly admirable and bring complete innocence to the little boy with bright eyes. The games perspective of Limbo is a haunting one consisting of other little boys trying to kill you in gory ways or a giant spider hunting you.
If you didnt read the storyline of Limbo before you bought it like myself, you will know absolutely nothing about this game there is no narrative, introduction, or cut scenes. The brief ending is what made my experience with Limbo is all I will say.  The simplicity of this game is truly amazing, the game is all about using the environment to solve your puzzles and most of the time its basic logic to get through, many times you will get an epiphany and instantly realise the puzzles and be kicking yourself for not getting it first time round.
I have to admit im not big into puzzle games I enjoy the dazzling kind like P.B. Winterbottom and Limbo, but Limbo was certainly an amazing experience and even though the ending was brief all I want to do is go back.
This game is mesmerizing: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 


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