Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comic Con 2010: Gears Of War 3 Panel (Bernie Mataki Announced!)

Not alot was announced during Comic Con for Gear 3 and was somewhat of a disappointment. Not too much of a disappointment I am extremely happy that Bernie Mataki will be making an appearance in this game and that I got a picture off the Gears forums check it out!

  I have read the book and she looks awesome Ill try find a better picture soon, what is great is how distinctive she looks from the other gals in the game which is somewhat a relief, I expected this announcement a mile away however I was half right I really wanted Alex Brand to be announced and since its Comic Con and she is in the comics I thought it would be a good mix. 
So further on they talked about some stuff, the movie came into discussion however it was brushed off with "were working on it" also "were re-writing it" and finally “It’s touch and go. It happens in Hollywood sometimes, man. That’s all I can really say right now,” all I can say is dont expect anything for a good while that 2012 release is nothing more but a "keep fans believing" kinda thing. Clayton Carmine came into the discussion then with his voice actor Michael Gough arrived on set with the Triforce replica Lancer opening line was "I think this thing is jammed or something" it went on further more stating that IF he does die then there gonna take him out in a "spectacular way!". Wondering who the hell is voicing Sam in Gears 3? Well your in luck the smoking hot Claudia Black is making her appearance along side Anya Stroud, Claudia became popular in Stargate SG1 and the one with the nice ass in Uncharted 2 Chloe Frazer I think her name was (like I was listening to the dialogue with her around).  
Finally two player split screen will be added and NOT four player split screen as some people might have assumed, some achievements may be carried on Seriously etc and there working very hard to change the multiplayer connection glitch.

As for Alex Brand to enter Gears 3 G4TV got some balls and asked a Microsoft rep if she will enter the response was not a surprise "We haven't announced anything more about the campaign yet, but we will soon." I would be REALLY disappointed if she isint in Gears 3.

See the full panel here


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