Thursday, July 15, 2010

Assassins Creed Gets Its Own Comic Book!

After some strange list of websites popping up with some pretty awesome images of what looks like Assassins and a strange company called Ubiworkshop its become an announcement that comes as a surprise as Ubiworkshop starts working on a mini series of comic book's. 
I think its pretty cool that Assassins Creed is getting a comic book however I do question why the hell they opened up a new company for just a comic book? I mean sure you should protect your work as much as you can but we all know DC and Marvel are hungry to get video game license, I just find it odd that they would go into the business into this sort of industry.
I want a Splinter Cell comic ASAP now!  
I hope these guys all the best and that im looking forward to what they bring to the table I hope Ubiworkshop is working on other things other than Assassins Creed. Heres hoping. 


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