Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gears Fans Decide The Faith Of Clayton Carmine!

This is a pretty impressive way to decide if characters live or die in a game, its quite simple all you have to do is purchase an Avatar T Shirt in the Xbox Live Marketplace that either says "Save Carmine" or "Carmine must die". In the last 2 Gears Of War games its been somewhat of a family tradition for the Carmine brothers to well, die and both of them where known as the Rookies so I find it pretty funny the first screenshot of Clayton is holding a Mulcher with one hand a big ass tatoo on his arm and Gub Killer written on his armor.
Heres Marcus reaction: 

Well said.
If your planning to go to this years Comic Con you can find these real T Shirts at the NECA booth for 20$ all this money will be going to the Child's Plays Charity and no not Chucky.... *sighs* 
So be sure to check it out and purshase a t shirt in digital or real life form.
Oh and... 
...Save Clayton Carmine!


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