Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The BEST BioShock Sander Cohen Replica Mask + How to make!

Scavenging though the 2K Forums I came by a thread titled Bunny Mask WIP so instantly when I saw the two words "Bunny Mask" I was already on it clicking all the possible links from mr Zero.
The outcome I got was one I didnt expect at all, it was completely perfect. There was nothing that made this mask make you think twice you just instantly have to compliment the artist for such a terrific job. Whats crazy is the picture above you isint the finished project its still in the works, it looks like the paint job is the last thing he needs to do, from the creative inlays its quite obvious hes making the Sander Cohen mask, but it is his creation he could paint it pink for all mr Zero wants, but after about a year into creating this im sure mr Zero could go for a much more respectable colour scheme possibly along the lines of black with a gold trim maybe?
Either way im sure he made the fictional character of Sander Cohen proud with all the wildness of this bunny mask.
For those of you who wonder if its ever possible to buy these, well its pretty difficult there is no mask making company that have went into production of them yet. Which is pretty fucking stupid on Take Two Interactive part since a HUGE amount of people would purchase these, yet then again im still waiting on a legit BioShock comic. So is it possible? yea, will they ever? probably not.

 But you can still make your own, I even went for an atempt in art class and this was my outcome. Of course mine cant be compared to mr Zero's but at least I took a stab a it and went for my own funky look, which I got very creative with the red paint. I mainly used mod rock to make this and used wire as a base for the ears.
So I saw this post and thought it was immense and thought it was very necassary to talk about it you can visit it here: mr Zeros Ultimate Mask!


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Very good.

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