Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wonder Woman has an all NEW Look!

DC Comics has completely changed the entire look of Wonder Woman, why is this a big deal you ask? Well its fucking Wonder Woman! The iconic chick became famous because of your costume and taking away one of comics sexiest woman is crazy! Well apparently to everyone else that is the situation. 

To me im not concerned and dont care, I think the new look is awesome and that Jim Lee really did some great stuff and being a big fan of Jim I know that Wonder Woman to me will be readable.
Im defiantly going to pick up #600 of Wonder Woman (where the new look will make its debut) to see what the buzz is all about and knowing its going to be amazing (because Jim Lee is involved). Ill make a review of it on the release.
Looks completely different doesnt it?

People are speculating that the new look has something to do with a Wonder Woman movie, well yes this is possible the film was supposedly meant to be in production since 2001 however the screenplay seemed to just float in the air after a couple of years. The idea seemed to just float around with many different rumors such as actress to take up the role but no confirmation about someone to actually step up to make the movie.
The rights are still there for anyone to step up and make the project however nothing as been confirmed as of yet.
Im sure the new costume will make an impact on some people and hopefully people will enjoy the new look and hopefully a possibility for much more realistic Wonder Woman and hopefully a movie to follow this new look.

With the release of the Superman movie and Batman 3 coming soon im hoping to god they dont make the Justice League.


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