Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will Diablo 3 Have A Bigger Homecoming then Starcraft 2?

Starcraft 2 just got released with the massive homecoming it rightly deserves on July 27 where the whole world anticipated its midnight release.

Huge turn out one I didnt expect a mile away, it defiantly shows that both the RTS genre and the PC is surly no where near dead. Now its been a busy couple of years for Blizzard with the success of World Of Warcraft and releasing the new expansion Cataclysm this year, its hard to estimate the release of the awesome RPG Diablo 3.
What is obvious is that Blizzard like to stretch there games out a bit, keeping about a year gap between each other and some people expected Starcraft 2 to hit early 2011 but now since its release and Cataclysm is hitting this year when will we get Diablo 3? 2011? maybe 2012? Its pretty annoying, we got huge amount of media for D3 right now and we already know what it plays like so shouldn't we know a bit more about the game by now? So we got the 5 classes 1 to be revealed soon, they include Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Mage and Monk, so I hope the other class should be along the lines of the Paladin or an Amazon class or anything with range. Its a nice list but not much variety then Diablo 2 and so far it looks the same as D2 just with better graphics.

Now bear with me when I say D3 is the same as D2 with better graphics, there are some differences such as the combos and the new abilities but I think some people are so blindsided by how fresh it LOOKS that noting the completely new things is hard, now I know alot of people love D2 and that changing it would be blasphemy which I thoroughly agree but shouldn't there be some differences such as story telling narrative or more gameplay mechanics? I mean its been 2 years since we say D3 so shouldn't we be getting some NEW announcement soon alongside a release date?  I ask too many questions so I must demand a NEW announcement and a release date now! 
So the peoples response to D3 was one of patience which is nice on the developers part but the people will get impatient and they will forget about it now Starcraft was a massive fan base in Korea so anything Asians are doing most of the western world will follow but D2 doesn't have a big fan base in Korea and most people wont cry tears of joy on the release date like that guy from Singapore. So will Diablo have a bigger or even a remotely similar one to Starcraft 2? 


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