Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thor Movie Trailer IS Here!

Thor finally got a movie trailer to the public that was apparently "Leaked" to the internet, so here the San Diego Comic Con trailer of Thor that was shown at the Marvel panel.

I have to admit im looking forward to this big time, Thor is one of my favorite super heroes out there and I think Chris Hemsworth is a worthy Thor, as for Anthony Hopkins I must say you cant go wrong with this guy he is just a GODLY actor *winks*. So what you think? I think its top notch stuff!
I showed this to my brother who is 21 and a movie buff he seemed to think it was too stupid, he thought this from the very beginning and isint very much a comic book fan. I think the general response of people is a bit cautious not necessarily trusting the actors or direction and the visual style of it but nonetheless its OK with me im not much on suits but overall im happy!
What you think of the destroyer at the end? Quite EPIC! 


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