Sunday, January 30, 2011

Best Graphics EVER in a video game!?

Whether you're a fan of Final Fantasy or not this IS by far the best graphics around.

As people know I'm a Final Fantasy fan. Also I am a Ps3 fan. So when I heard that there was going to be an exclusive Final Fantasy 13 spin off for the ps3 I was VERY excited, especially seeing as this game is finally trying to make full use of the Playstations superior specs to the Xbox, hence why it's exclusive.
Finally a proper sized video for us, 7 minutes long, no second failing when it comes to graphics.
Link is of course from IGN

We get a glimpse at the new combat system (FINALLY MOTHA FUCKA!), World map, Vehicle driving and loads maor!

Source: IGN


Major.Mack said...

That does look good

Suciô Sanchez said...

What's the point if it's used for cutscenes.
Japanese "games" aren't games.

Adam Timmins said...

I agree with Sucio

Theusualtype said...

And how are they not games. Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, all these games are essentially the pinnacle of what games are and the Japenese are the only ones who appear to put in true effort by utilising the most of what the machine can handle. When it comes to exclusives anyway

jonwinters said...

square has always been good at pushing graphical capabilities of systems. ff vii and viii on ps along with chrono cross, ff and kingdom hears (ii) on ps2, kingdom hearts series on ds and psp and gba. ff xiii is also gorgeous to look at on a 50" 1080p. only makes sense that this should look like a realistic blu-ray high def game.

i watched the trailer for versus and had a difficult time distinguishing what makes them look like video game characters instead of real actors. turns out it was their noses and hair, but i believe squenix could make them look like straight up real people if they wanted to.

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