Friday, January 28, 2011

Bulletstorm Is Ace! Crysis 2 is a Novelty!

When you get two demos from the same publisher on the same day you just know they're gonna be compared. Even if they're both completely different types of games they still fall under that same and somewhat abused, first person shooter genre. 

So two very hyped first person shooters where released on Tuesday and with quite a lot of time I have came to a conclusion on both games. 


So I have blogged previously about Bulletstorm and if you have happened to read any of them, you'll know I am a fan. I like it because of its innovation in its approach towards the genre in total, too many games take the serious path in FPS's which means they tend not to go too deep when it comes to the formula, which is the way you want to play a game. Bulletsotrm to put it simply "..wants to put the fun back into video games.." its not about getting to the next level to achieve your goal in a mission, its about how much carnage you can cause with a certain amount of enemies along side how you use your weapons. To be quite honest Bulletstorm does exactly what is says on the tin. 

The demo launches with quite a surprisingly list of ways to kill AI, however it is all about how creative you are with these kills. All the AI in the demo are scripted throughout the mission so if you played it enough times, you will know exactly who goes where and how. This may seems ridiculous to some but Bulletstorm isin't
about surprise or a challenge its about how much points you can get through a mission. Which is pretty hard when you dont know what the fuck you are doing. The leaderboards are actually a surprisingly useful way to compete with friends, now I know your saying to yourself that 'every game has leaderboards' but how often do you look at the single player leaderboards and actually feel a need to beat your friend? That happened on a number of occasions.

Its different, but  surprisingly not. This formula has been used many times before and has more or less died over the years. Its great to see a game like Bulletstorm inheriting a lot of these traits and to make it much more polished into today's gaming. Heres me excited about the full game coming this February.

Crysis 2: 

A massive landmark FPS title on the PC for its amazing physics and graphics Crysis is easily one of the most talked PC game to arise over the years. So when Crysis 2 arrived with multiplatform release on all three platforms you can easily say people where excited. But why? For years PC gamers have always talked about Crysis as being this amazing game that all console player are truly missing out on. So when Crysis 2 demo hit I was expecting a completely different first impression.

The Crysis 2 demo is a multiplayer beta which has one map and four different classes for you to unlock and upgrade with more attachments. There is two playlists Team Instant Action where you kill up to fifty players to win, and Crash Site are when players play an objective based game to achieve the most points. Your suit has many abilities such as super jumping in the air, invisibility cloak and fist stomping action which kills enemy in your radius. All are measured on the amount of Energy you have that recharges every so often.  The ability to super jump has a pretty awesome feel when trying to reach areas that are slightly away from, it automatically climbs onto the ledge when just about reach more or less making the sky the limit. The invisibility cloak allows you to use stealth to move around the map but is determined by the amount of energy you have, the energy degrades faster when stepping into water making the technology more difficult to cloak you. The fist stomping action allows you to slam on the ground killing any enemies in your radius, I am still yet to get a kill with this.

Crysis 2 is a cool multiplayer that has some pretty bright ideas but falls under the glitchy, draggy and unbalanced feel a lot of games suffer today. Imagine playing Killzone 2 on the networking of Blacklight Tango Down and you get Crysis 2. But this is a beta we do have to take into account, so some changes will be made obviously. But for me a lot of changes will need to be made for me to even consider buying this game, im not impressed by the graphics that look terribly mediocre compared to other titles coming out. And as regards to multiplayer in general it too me is a novelty who join the likes of Dead Space 2 and BioShock 2 multiplayer that are added on as basically a gimmick.

Fun week in total, I enjoyed both these games which have supplied some forms of entertainment and looking forward to some releases this month. Until next time.

Tim Tim


Suciô Sanchez said...

thanks for the comparison.

Blake said...

I too enjoyed Bulletstorm. But seeing as it comes out the same time has killzone 3 and I can only afford one. I am sorry to say that I will be choosing killzone over bulletstorm.

Adam Timmins said...

Luckily my brother owns a PS3 so ill be getting the best of both worlds. If I was in the same boat as you id do the same.

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