Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More 3DS Info

As some of you maybe aware, I am eagerly awaiting the new installment of the Nintendo DS franchise : The 3DS

A lot of Games have been announced. Some of these I think are going to be amazing on 3D and I'm REALLY going to be looking forward to it. With a before 31st of March release (Hopefully 11th of March in EU seeing as it's my B-Day and DS1 was released on that Day XD.

Here are a list of Games I'm looking forward to;

Assasins's Creed Lost Legacy.

Not sure whether this is going to be Ezio or Altair or someone else but regardless will look amazing in 3D

Mario Kart 3D

If it's like the previous titles it will be a smash hit for sure

Professor Layton VS. Ace Atorney

Big Fan of professor Layton so will be interested to see what they do for this

Metal Gear Sold 3D: Snake Eater, The Naked Sample

Definitly the most exciting game for me being a big fan of the MGS series

The Legend Of Zelda Orcarina Of Time 3D

Love this series too and this is apparently the best one in the series (Have yet to play it)

Professor Layton and The Mask Of Miracle

As I said above I LOVE the series

Kingdom Hearts 3D

It may be an official sequel however not much is known about this title and the screenshots have apparently been to throw us off

And Finally there's some Final Fantasy remakes announced so maybe 5 and 6 in 3D. But that of course means 7 is next!


Smile said...

Assasins's Creed Lost Legacy is the only one here I would actually play :)

Theusualtype said...

Yes but it could be a spin off of Assasins Creed 3 in the french revolution one that's meant to come out next year or so. So it could be shit XD

Suciô Sanchez said...

I'll hold off until there's homebrew support.

Blake said...

With so little news about the effects of 3D gaming on the eyes, especially little kids. I think I will be holding off on 3D gaming, handheld and home for a long time.

Theusualtype said...

Reply to Suciô Sanchez: Sorry to inform you but there's an automatic download on 3DS if console is on standby and online is going to be required for most games. However they do go this crazy over dsi security and it was cracked in one day XD

Reply to Blake: In a lot of interviews we've been warned that children under 6 should avoid the 3D all together, 12 and under should use it sparingly and 12 + Should take regular breaks. However they make warnings like this for consoles that don't mean shit. However for the 3DS I think they could mean it as it could confuse peoples eyes and make them dizzy

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