Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where'd the Quality Star Wars Games Go ?

                                                                            Where ?

When you look back, There have been many good Star Wars games. You have the Knights of the Old Republic series, the Battlefront series, Republic Commando and the Jedi Knight series. Every single one of these definately are a credit to the Star Wars name.

If you look at the games we have now, it certainly is a far cry away from the glory days. The exception to this would be the Lego Star Wars games. They had a certain charm to them.

                                                                      The Exception

This was a game for all ages, retelling the story of all six films in a comical fashion. And besides, who DOESN'T like Lego ?

                                                                     The Force Unleashed

However since then the only other game I can talk about is The Force Unleashed. When I first heard about this game, it sounded like it would be The Best Star Wars game to date. At first I thought it was, but then the little fiddly things started annoying me. Things like oh I don't know being told to move the thumb sticks one way to pull a Stardestroyer out of the sky, when in actual fact you had to do it the opposite way. Then their were the boss battles. They were just frustrating most of the time.
Of course recently they released a sequel to this, and I'll admit I'm not even half-way through it yet and just don't feel like playing it. They also have some really unneccessary DLC. I mean, Who in the Blue Hell wants to play DLC where you kill beloved characters from the movies in an alternate timeline ?

Last E3 I thought things were about to turn around when The Old Republic was announced being developed by Bioware (Creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age). But again I've been let down. I thought it was going to be like the original Old Republic game, being multi-platform but alas it's an MMO. Now if I had a gaming computer I'd be over the moon, but the fact is I don't and it's not likely I'll be able to get one.

Now I remember reading somewhere that LucasArts didn't want outside or Third party developers to make Star Wars games for them, instead they want to do them themselves. I'm pretty sure this policy has changed due to the fact Bioware are making The Old Republic MMO.  But the fact of the matter is this; all the quality Star Wars games were developed by outside developers and LucasArts have just published them. Maybe they don't want what happened to Battlefront developer Pandemic Studios to happen to anyone else. (Going into administration after two years development on Battlefront 3)

What I would like to see, like many others, is to see Battlefront 3 be completed like it deserves to be, an actual sequel to Republic Commando, a new Jedi Knight game with co-op/multiplayer and a console equivalent to The Old Republic. But this is just what I think.

If you've made it this far, Thanks for Reading !


Adam Timmins said...

Genuine, honest and a touch of charm. I love this post :D

LoneIslander said...

You're only half way through the new Force Unleashed? That game is way too short.

Zombie said...

Star wars games went downhill after Jar Jar...

Suciô Sanchez said...

The best Star Wars games are the ones with least jedi stuff in them. Jedi-Fu was absent or ignorable in Battlefront, Rogue Squadron, Republic Commander and KotOR.

RetroKingSimon said...

The only Star Wars games I've ever gotten into really are the Rogue Squadron games...

Theusualtype said...

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is probably the best out in my opinion. Loved the Lego Star wars series XD

MajorGaming said...

In my opinion The Force Unleashed, Battlefront 2 and Lego Star Wars were the best games. ;)


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