Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Big Planet 2 Review

Friday just gone was the release date for the much waited for game "Little Big Planet 2". LBP was one of the first ps3 games I played and fell in love with it instantly, And not just because it has one of my favourite people of all time "Stephen Fry" as the Narrator. So in and around May-June when my German friend Josch told me of the sequel I was obviously excited.

So last Friday at lunch time in school, I hopped on my trusty bike and cycled off to my usual purveryor of games, Gamestop, and collected Little Big Planet 2... However it did not go as planned as I had put down a reservation for the standard edition which cost about 20 euro less and came without a few costums, avatars and was in a generic ps3 case instead of a metal one. ( Only the EU edition is like this, America gets a good decent one with sack boys and book ends in it) But lucky me, The guy behind the till handed me the collectors edition with all the stuff inside it. I didn't even notice until my friend pointed it out to me that it had collectors edition emblazoned on the front. So big happy bonus for me seeing as I got 8 costumes which only come with collectors edition and 5 avatars and plus 2 free Pre-order costumes.

Anyway on with the review.

Little Big Planet 2 still follows Sackboy around as he runs through his 2d Sidescroller world, However the peace is soon shattered with the emergence of the "Negativitron" who devours everything in site. However as Sackboy is about to be eaten he is rescued by "Larry Da-Vinci" who with "Avalon Centrifuge" puts Sackboy to the test as they enlist him in the alliance!.

The game follows a simaler line to LBP1 in terms of the menu. Couple of proper levels, with a few bonus's. However now there are cutscenes thrown in and decent mini games too. I mean come on, who honestly enjoyed the majority of the minigames in LBP1. Most were just a repeat of previous ones. However LBP2 changes that with GOOD minigames. I had great fun playing Basketball, racing, TDM's and the Online levels featured in the E3 trailer and TV Trailer with a friend. The story levels too are even better with more inter-activness with items like the "Creatinator" which fires whatever you want, "Grabinator" Super strength and ability to throw, Bounce pads, Grappling hook and so many more welcome additions.

The music is simaler in the respect that you'd never really of heard of these songs before hand but damn they are good. I love the trailer song by Passion Pit called Sleepeyhead. It's perfect for a game like LBP. But surprisingly there was a song I did know, Whoever brings the Night by Nightwish. Plus many more great song tracks that have been rarely heard.
Sleepy Head By Passion Pit

The creation tools have been juiced up. In under 10 minutes I created a nifty dog chasing a cat. Where as you'd have made a radiated cat and dog without foor and movement in an hour nearly with the lack of tools. I also started making 2 levels. A Toy Story Themed one where you must catch all the pizza planet aliens in the area and also a TDM arena and both of these were quite quick to make. Also along with the original ability to design your pod, You now have the ability to customize the look of your craft-world where people'll view your levels and your craft-moon where you view and edit your levels.


This game is perfect. It deserves 11/10 it's just amazing and I can't wait to see the amount of awards it'll win because believe me, it's going to fucking dominate the award shows and IS a must buy if you have a playstation 3


There is one problem I have with LBP2. This isn't a fault of the game but that of the ignorance of Media Molecule. For those of you who may not know, we who write this blog are all Irish and the Irish have a deep hatred for the English for years of brutality and slavery done unto us. However Media Molecule have marked down Irish discs as being in the UK. Basically whenever my friends on Playstation Network see me on they see i'm playing Little Big Planet 2...UK EDITION!. To understand better, this is about as innappropriate as saying people in Basque belong to Spain, Scotland to the English, Brazil to the Portugese, and Poland to the Germans. This was the only thing I was frustrated with in the game.


Suciô Sanchez said...

Bejesus! I didn't know you paddies had teh internets.

Do you like LBP because the sock puppet looks like a baked potato?

Theusualtype said...

I didn't know spanish people could stop eating burittos long enough to conjugate a sentence correctly. ;)

Adam Timmins said...

Wow Paul....You know what I said about the racism.

Theusualtype said...

'Twas provoked this time Adam XD

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