Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fairly Big Announcement For Me

Recently Got a PSP second hand so don't be confused when I suddenly start including psp games in reviews now.

Only have 2 games right now;
Final Fantasy Dissidia
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

I'll post reviews about them soon but a quick hint is that Dissidia is fucking amazing
Birth By Sleep is a big dissapointment.

'Till next time


Major.Mack said...

roger that, i was thinking about getting one for mobile integration with ps3..i have no idea what features this could provide if any...but maybe you could find out!

Theusualtype said...

Sure i'll post when I find out ;).
To busy playing Disidia at the moment though XD

Suciô Sanchez said...

Are you going to hack it?

Theusualtype said...

Reply to Suciô Sanchez: I'll only hack it to get some games I have the disks for Like Final Fantasy 7-9, Medievil, Metal Gear solid and so on

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