Friday, January 28, 2011

Sony to Nintendo "We took the buzz you made with the 3DS, Raped it and spat at this beauty"

The above is not an ACTUAL quote obviously, But in the bowels of Sony something new has surfaced. AND NO It's not indigestion, It's the new handheld console. THE NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE!.

Sony Vs. Nintendo in the next gen portable battle!
As you may be aware, I've been supa-dee dupa excited over the 3DS but this new revelation has shaken this. Not too much is known about this, other than that it now has 2 sticks, touch screen, 3G and Wi-Fi and graphics on par with the ps3. But right now this screen shot looks like they DID rape the 3DS and spat out indigestion all over the place.

However do I want to get the 3DS over this? The answer is a big HELLLLLLLAAA YEAH. The 3DS has been declared as being capable to already replicate the technology of the Ps3 and Xbox 360 WITH 3D graphics. I'd rather have this then a console with a better online and a few other better features with online. It's as I say to people who ask WHY I don't get an XBOX or why I didn't get a psp 'till recently. It wasn't that I couldn't muster up the money. It's just history. At one of my first chirstmasses I got a Gameboy Colour, at a Birthday I got a Ps1. I grew up with these and although it may be sad I don't want to not get them and then get another. Also I just don't like many feature of XBOX's and some features on the psp but that's beside the point.
I'll post more stuff when I find it out.

'Till next time.


TS Hendrik said...

I'm really geared towards the 3DS. It just looks amazing.

Suciô Sanchez said...

Call me when it's cracked. Nice hardware, lousy Sony DRM infested crap software.

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