Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deadpool Movie Finally Gets A Director! Good News and Bad News!

The long due Deadpool movie finally gets a director and finally lifts itself out of the monstrosity film industry limbo. Tim Miller is the man for the job making this his directional debut and possibly a lift from usual repertoire of his CGI career.

The man has some familiarity with Marvel, working on CGI in both X-Men movie's, and seems to have worked on a fare few comic book movie adoptions such as Scott Pilgirm vs the World  and Daredevil. The screenplay is written by Rhett Reese whose most notable work is Zombieland. And the movie will departure from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, thank god for that piece of news.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that Ryan Reynolds who's a fan favourite to play Wade Wilson/Deadpool is looking unlikely. Even though he shows interest in the project and that "his dream come true" would be a full adaptation of the Deadpool comic, Ryan Reynolds is just really busy. Everyone (males included) all want Ryan Reynolds to take his top off, and because of this Hollywood want him in everything. The fact that he is a full on pretty boy, makes it a difficulty for him to play Deadpool. Wade Wilson is scarred and mutated and doesn't take his mask off to often, think this will go down well for studio heads? Don't think so.....

But then again, Ryan has much enthusiasm for Deadpool and I wouldn't tear him off yet. I am just pointing out that if it goes ahead that Deadpool is played by Ryan Reynolds, it more than likely wont be the Deadpool we all know and love.

Well we will find out soon when a trailer appears, but until then we will have to wait and see.   


Major.Mack said...

Cant stand Ryan Reynolds. He is a Certified Mega HO!

Adam Timmins said...

You have to give it to him, he does love Deadpool. A lot....

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