Friday, April 15, 2011

Introducing The Supaboy! (My Childhood is now Portable!)

Do you ever get those day's when someone invents your childhood into a hand-held device? Well fortunately for me, the folks at Hyperkin have successfully created a portable Super Nintendo Entertainment System that still uses those beautiful cartridges! 

What I love about this device is that its in the shape of SNES's controller so there is already familiarity with the device. But what is truly amazing about the Supaboy is that you can connect it to your television and connect two controllers up to the device for you and a mate to enjoy some retro gaming. 

It doesn't come with the controllers, and is slated for a summer release date (hopefully). The price should be roughly around the $60 - $70 dollar mark. Sadly the device only uses North American cartridges which is vital when your going on Ebay to re-buy some of the classics. 

Have to admit this is an amazing hand-held, while people are going nuts over the newly released 3DS I am already scheduling to buy this device when it is released. Cant wait to get back into the ole' Street Fighter 2 and Mario! 


Zombie said...

I think my brain just exploded from wanting this so much!

Anonymous said...

Kirby's Avalanche was the best!

LoneIslander said...

I need this.


Adam Timmins said...

Its going to be the greatest invention since sliced bread!

Kelli said...

That's really cool, now I can re-live a piece of my missing childhood.

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