Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ok so a LOT of big blockbuster superhero movies are coming out this summer;
  1. Thor
  2. Captain America
  3. Green Lantern
  4. X-Men First Class
I was just wondering, which of these movies are YOU the reader looking forward to the most and why. Personally for me, I think that X-Men first class is the most exciting. Don't get me wrong, I'm eagerly awaiting Captain America and Thor (Never liked DC things so Green Lantern isn't a big deal for me) but I've been a huge fan of X-Men for years. It's one of the few series that I actually read the comics. Even though one of my Favourite actors (Kelsey Grammer) is being replaced when it comes to playing Beast I'm still looking forward to it and I can see this as possibly giving birth to the series again, seeing as the writers of Last Stand decided to be pricks and tried to kill the series off as they went down by killing off main characters/ removing their powers; Rogue, Xavier, Magneto come to mind.

Well anyway, what's the movie you're looking forward to most?


Adam Timmins said...

Personally? Thor, I love the comics of Thor he's an amazing superhero that is always under rated. I don't know movie wise whether it will be good or not, but regardless I know I am going to enjoy it.

Zombie said...

I am looking forward to the Capitan America movie! :D

Major.Mack said...

I personally think the movies arent going to do any of them justice. Thor appears the best hit so far. Ryan reynolds WILL ruin green lantern, first class just appears weak, and captain america is kinda growing on me from trailers n such

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