Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update on PSN + XBOX wants in too?

So recently (Monday to be exact) Sony came out and decided to announce, 5 days later mind you, that our details, including name, adress, phone numbers and credit card details could've been stolen. Now if they were to announce this when they found out (Friday) I would've been more understandable. However they decided to save their fucking hides and announce on MONDAY that these could be in the possession by

  • A) A thief
  • B) Internet Hackers
  • C) A Paedophile
  • D) A paedophillic internet thief...
I think it's fucking despicable that it's taken this long. However, I'm not going to move to the other side because of this, one because I use phoney details, two, I stress to anyone that says otherwise that online isn't everything. I'll update you all with info as I get it.

There was also rumours of Xbox Live being infiltrated as all banned account are unbanned, so the only one can brag about security in the last year is the Wii... but that's a wii so it just can't brag (I'm an owner of one myself but it's online is worse than pathetic.


Jozzy said...

Good thing I never play my PS3

The Girl Gamer said...

Good thing I don't buy anything from the PSN Store so I don't have to worry about my credit card information being stolen.

- The Girl Gamer

Zombie said...

Hackers gonna hack...

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