Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Silver Surfer is BACK! And Better Than Ever!

God I love the Silver Surfer! The comics, cartoon's and I gained a slight satisfaction of his appearance  in that abomination of a movie that shall never be named here. His powers and how it supersede's and supplant's  him from the man he once was, Norrin Radd, has a beautiful story behind it. It makes for some truly emotional storylines behind an alien who cant even feel, both physically and emotionally.

The Silver Surfer has once again returned to earth waiting while Galactus feeds on the earth's sun (this wont destroy earth it will only shorten the sun by a billions years). As the Surfer waits and remembers the days when he could feel, he witness's a couple being murdered and realises he still has one feeling, compassion for the human race. As he takes down the culprit's of the murder and resuscitates the women with his cosmic power he gets captured by High Evolutionary, who drains and steals the Surfers power. For the first time in years Norrin truly remembers how to feel. 

I have to say this is an awesome comic book series that everyone should purchase! Surfer and non Surfer fans alike! We (Surfer fans) may not get another story arc like this for years to come, so if you yourself are at least interested, you must pick up this book! 

Im looking forward to these next issue's coming up in the coming weeks, its everything I have ever wanted in a Silver Surfer book and more! 

Check back later for more reports on these issues! 


Zombie said...

The silver surfer is pretty flipping sweet!

Adam Timmins said...

He is the best there is my son!

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