Friday, July 8, 2011

BioShock Infinite: 15 Minute Demo First Thoughts (Booker is one sexy son of a..)

Booker looks like Pretty Boy Floyd, except with a moustache. 
So last night I stayed up to watch the horrid Spike TV and its awful putrid that I had the misfortune to witness. A show called "Jail" and then some hillbilly wrestling then came on and then I realised life was far too short and attended to other things. I missed GTTV which I stayed up to watch but being me bed seemed far more important, but sadly I missed some hell of a demo. BioShock Infinite has to be the most impressive game I have ever seen, in those 15 minutes I was in shock and awe. Its so impressive I begin to ask myself how a lot of the game is meant to work, and that doesn't happen that often. 

Please excuse the following:

That was necessary, that 15 minute demo was far too amazing. Anyway there is just one little bugger that I kept pointing out throughout most of the quiet scenes, the action scene was solid but the way you were exploring seemed very linear. I know Ken points this out in all the videos, but I cant help but feel that Elizabeth is just a tour guide. In a lot of instances you saw Booker chasing Elizabeth by using the voice actor to indicate to follow her, I raise the question of "What if I don't want to follow her? What if I'm not done in this room?". It seems silly, but I would really like to explore in a city considering the magnitude of Columbia and I'd hate if it was just a tour. The demo doesn't describe what it'd be like if I had some real time to just look around without any disturbance from Songbird or Elizabeth, but its 15 minutes not an hour so I guess they had to show some sequences that are very...flashy. Other than that the game looks flawless, especially the final scene with Songbird and Elizabeth. The way Songbird reacted to Elizabeth's apology was just beautiful, the stubborn head movement to the right rejecting the apology was seriously innocent exactly like Elizabeth herself. It reminds me instantly of the relationship of the Big Daddy's and the Little Sisters. 

"NO! No Ken Levine, you just don't get to make mind blowing games like that!". Someone at 2K Games should have put his step down and said this, because this game is just far superior from any other game. It just seems like the very definition of what this medium can offer you as a product of entertainment, like its hard to say after, watching that demo, that it sucks. I mean I think you honestly have to have no taste in games to not be interested, or at least admit that its oozing in quality. This is my, and probably many others, Game Of The Year bet. Some people may say Mass Effect 3 and The Last Guardian are contenders, but right now? Its certainly BioShock Infinite. Mass Effect is on its third instalment and has already pushed the industry with its amazing RPG elements and gameplay, from what I have seen Mass Effect 3 will be more of what we got from  the second. The Last Guardian still refuses to reveal itself throughout all these years but those illuminating and dazzling trailers cant help but make the viewer warm inside, sadly we'll probably still be waiting for a good while until we get some gameplay. Either way next year is a very entertaining year, and who knows maybe neither of them will get Game Of The Year, its far too early to tell. 


Zombie said...

oh man I cant wait for this game!!! :)

Jason Flowers said...

I am on a straight up black out from Bioshock Infinite media. i won't watch any long gameplay footage of it so i won't ruin the story. With that said i'm hyped as hell for this Bioshock.

The Girl Gamer said...

Bioshock Infinite is badass! I love Bioshock games and I can't wait to play this game. I basically drool when I watch the footage of this game.

- The Girl Gamer

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