Saturday, July 9, 2011

Have you been watching The Killing?

This awesome new show just debuted on Channel 4 a couple of days ago here in Ireland, it premièred in America on April 3 2011. I just got to watch the pilot recently which followed by the second episode immediately, I have to admit the show sucked me in. 

The pilot begins through the perspectives of three groups of people, you have the detectives, the newly running councilmen and the family of the victim. Each have a key role in the murder of a young girl named Rosie Larsen, a 17 year old teenager. It sounds like a typical detective drama/thriller but its much more than that, its the realism that really drives you to continue watching it. Sure we have seen movies such as Seven, Zodiac or even The Secret In Their Eyes that can all give us the same thrill ride that The Killing may offer, but The Killing has a much greater advantage against movies made by David Fincher. The Killing can pace itself much better than any thriller movie considering the amount of episodes and the fact that it is based around one murder and not a series of them. This is how realism plays a huge role in the distinction of The Killing, the fact that its one murder and many episodes shows that the drama on each of the characters is pretty big. Which makes for some awesome television. 

This is another awesome show from AMC, and the pure quality of all the shows coming out from this studios is staggering. Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Killing and Breaking Bad are all hugely popular shows that are still going on. I'm looking forward to watch more television from AMC.

Watch The Killing Thursday nights from 9:00 pm. 


Zombie said...

seems interesting enough to me. :)

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