Thursday, July 7, 2011

Steam Summer Sale is halfway gone. Is your wallet empty yet?

I only recently got Steam because I bought Portal 2 for my ps3 and got a free copy with it for my steam account. Now I never knew this about steam but they hold seasonal sales. The first 10 days in July are the "Summer Camp" sales. Let's just say when I found out how cheap the games got yesterday, I sort of had a meltdown. In the past 24 hours i've been hit with blindingly cheap offer after offer and let's just say this. Valve, If you guys ever need a kidney, I got a spare. I've bought the following, today alone;

  1. Grand Theft Auto 4 WITH the episodes from Liberty City for €8. Normally this would be about 40 euro.
  2. Trine €2. A random Rpg I picked up with a bit of change
  3. Counter Strike Source €6. A great shooter i've been playing at a friends for the past 2 weeks
  4. Garrys Mod €2. I didn't even know what this game is about and bought it from all the reviews, all I know is that it's an amazing deal.
  5. Tomb Raider Anniversery, €3.74, A remake of the legendary Tomb Raider 1.
I've seen so many great offers that I didn't partake in, E.g. Fallout New Vegas with expansions for about 15 euro. So i'd like to take this time,to say something that comes from the heart. Steam... I love you :3.


Zombie said...

sadly my wallet has been empty...

Major.Mack said...

yeah, havent hit it

Jason Flowers said...

Bought ten games so far for around $40. The deals are sick and out of this world. This is worse than smoking, drinking doing drugs and gambling addiction for me. Glad this sale ends in a few days.

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