Monday, July 4, 2011

World Of Warcraft is FREEEEEE to play! (More Free Stuff Pl0x!!)

So the only game that you'd expect not to go free to play is well, probably the only game that could survive with a monthly subscription in this free gaming world (Ha!). Yes we saw Team Fortress 2 a couple of weeks ago go completely free with the microtransaction supporting it, WoW doesn't have a microtransaction shop available like most MMO's.

But, sadly there are conditions to this free little deal Blizzard are offering. First of all there is not time limit to this free to play version nor is there any items withheld from you, however there is a level cap that ends at 20. This may suck for some considering the highest level you can get to is level 80 so quite a decent bit of the game is disclosed for higher levels. This sucks yes, but for a person who really doesn't want to pay the €15 a month and really doesn't want to get addicted I say its a pretty fair deal considering they probably didn't have to do this.

Its cool and I might as well download it, I got the trial a couple of years back and my opinion of it was really high but it was a very very addictive game. That's a warning by the way, World Of Warcraft is a very very addictive game. 

Hopefully more games go free to play, I'm liking the selection lately as these games are one of these essential must have kinda games, either way I am thrilled. 


Paul Cuffe said...

I always think of the South Park episode whenever WoW is mentioned. Doubt I'll go anywhere near this though. My laptop would probably blow up if I even tried.

Jason Flowers said...

As tempting as this news is. I am terrified to get into MMORPGs. I am to scared i will enjoy them to much and forget about everything else. In other words i can't play WoW.

LoneIslander said...

I'm never going back, that is a promise.

Adam Timmins said...

Lol its crazy addictive right? I'm playing at the moment and I'm finding it hard to get off it but fortunately I have learned my lesson before.

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