Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer IS Revealed!

Now don't give me any bullshit comment's about how you haven't seen The Dark Knight, which we all should know it as the 'masterpiece' of summer 2009. The Dark Knight has to be one of the finest films of this generation, there is no excuse's to not see this film, I don't care if do not like Batman you still need to see this movie! So our level of anticipation is extremely high for the third instalment to Christopher Nolan's epic trilogy. With the death of Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in the Dark Knight, has left doubt onto a lot of peoples mind on whether the final instalment is to be anywhere near as good as its predecessor. Well by putting faith into Christopher Nolan and by bringing two of the finest actors in Hollywood (Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardly) you cant help but wonder what the outcome could be. Here is the first trailer to The Dark Knight Rises; 

Brief, cheesy and having no idea what this trailer gives to us basically outlines the crappiest trailer ever. I mean I know its not meant to give us anything, but really? Its not the best way to build up anticipation, but regardless considering a year is away we shouldn't even be getting a trailer right now. Still nice, I suppose.  


Theusualtype said...

I wouldn't include me in "Our excitement" I hated Batman Begins but loved the Dark Night and agree it was one of the best films alongside The Hangover (LOL Joking of course). However as odd as it may sound, The A-Team or Up probably are close contenders for my fav film of 2009 with the Dark Night.

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