Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review

Well, it's been a series i've known for 10 years, A series that has wowed me with it's books and a series whose movies have forced me to leave the cinema, and demand my money back, from sheer rage. Harry Potters final movie has just come out and on Saturday night, Paul, Adam, a few more friends and Myself went to see it in 3D.
Personally I wasn't looking forward to this film. I was so horrified from my experience of the shittest book to movie film that was the Half Blood Prince, my faith in the series was rattled to its core. However I felt I should witness this films last hurrah.

Harry uncovers a surpressed memory he had with Voldemort which relates to what priests are known for doing.

One of the first things that made me want to NOT go see this was the fact that Deathly Hallows Part 1 led up to the last fifth of the book, leaving only the final fight scene. I personally didn't find it to appealling the fact that they would essentially be going to Gringotts and then climactic battle. However, I wasn't dissapointed. For once the films manage to do a decent battle affair and i've heard people associating the final battle scene with that of Helms Deep and Minas Tirith from Lord of The Rings. They weren't too far off it I think (especially seeing as how Jk Rowling stole so much random things from Lord of The Rings (Also I couldn't help but notice an anti jewish reference, Griphook the goblin is small, big nosed, big eared, Tries to back stab everyone, tight with money and wears striped pyjamas) ). The battle scenes were exciting and had the old brand of Harry Potter humour, which had a lot of the cinema chuckling. They changed a large amount of the book around but for once it worked and take it from me, a person who read all the books, It worked and came out even better than the books. The 3 page climactic battle with Harry Vs. Voldemort turns into an amazing 10 minute or so battle sequence.

Not a picture from Soviet Russian occupied state Ukraine but infact one of Neville LongBottom

As I said, We went to see this film in 3D. I had to nearly break Adams arm to force him to see it in 3D using the main point of seeing Emma Watson in 3D. The effects were hard to tell I thought personally. I was expecting spells flying out of the screen, flying debris and such but got little of what I was hoping for which was a bit dissapointing. The special effects however were amazing. One of the highlights for me is when Professor McGonnagal transfigures all the schools statues to fight for the school and we have Stone warriors leaping from the roof to make a last stand on the bridge.

The acting was, as usual, great for it's film apart from one scene where it appears that Daniel Radcliffe can't even jerk one itty bitty little tear. The scene I'm referring to is when he finds out about the death of 3 main characters. He quite literally stands there staring at the bodies and zombies away un-emotionally.

So overall what did I think?

  1. Great Special Effects
  2. Changed book around for the better
  3. Great acting from all but Radcliffe. (Hopefully he'll have learned to cry seeing as I can't see anyone else hiring such an over hyped quack)
  4. Amazing battle scenes
  1. Radcliffes acting
  2. Dissapointing 3D

Overall this would get 7.5/10 from me.

It was a great ending to an average series (I seriously cannot stress how awful Half Blood Prince was. Worse movie i've ever seen)


Adam Timmins said...

Great review, honest score and fair points.

Zombie said...

I really enjoyed the movie myself. :)

LoneIslander said...

I didn't see it in 3D, hate that crap anyway. And I hated that scene where he was in the great hall too. All I wanted to scream was "DO SOMETHING!"

Jozzy said...

I saw it in 3D too, and it didn't seem like there were many 3D-esque things, but the special effects were very cool

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