Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Walking Dead: Is it all going to end?

In this post I'm going to talk about all thing's related to The Walking Dead but mainly the comic books as that's where the story truly lies folks, in those colourless pages. Its the best on-going comic book series happening at the moment and lately I cant help but feel an ending in the mist ahead, I have never gotten this feeling before and as the issue number slips creepily to number 100 (its on 86 at the moment) I cant help but wonder whether Rick Grimes story would ever come to a conclusion. 

Robert Kirkman, the series writer, doesn't have much rules when it comes to writing his zombie epic. There is only one very crucial rule that he does repeat all the time and that is to never explain the zombie outbreak, as it takes the reader out of the sense of realism of the characters world. He doesn't want to explain any science fiction bullshit or say it was aliens all along, he wants to make very real characters under a very surreal circumstance. It's very simple what he does, a very straightforward zombie book, but the drama the characters face is something you'll never find on any soap opera. This is why The Walking Dead is the best book you can be reading at the moment, but is it coming to an end? I have been reading numerous interviews and I have seen nothing that suggests that The Walking Dead may come to an end. But the last issue I have read (issue 86) suggests that Rick has seen an all new light and is going to do things very differently. But now I'm wondering how can Kirkman really shake things up for the community? What can really change the characters lives this time? You see this is the point in the comic book where something big is on the way or an ending. I'm not saying its going to be either or, but frankly Kirkman always exceeds my expectations and is the most unpredictable writer ever.

Kirkman says he could totally imagine The Walking Dead without Rick, explaining that the other characters could build up a story that could go on forever. But he also say's that if the book wasn't getting enough edge with the readers anymore and that its lost its taste, he would end it. This is not happening at the moment if you're wondering, I'm guessing sales have been strong and just recently was the most fucked up issue yet (issue 82). Though the fact Rick can die at any moment seems quite plausible given recent events, and I could see Kirkman pulling a good job killing Rick and maybe establishing a new character for the main role. That would carry my interest, most people would probably want Andrea as the lead but for myself? Nah, I would like a new character introduced as the lead. Though we should not forget that Kirkman is already working on another separate story in The Walking Dead universe, the video game. 

Not a lot is on this game, but Kirkman is certainly writing this game and is based on the character of Lee Everett. Lee escapes from prison riddled with zombies and runs into a little girl named Clementine, Everett takes her as his own (I'm guessing) and then begins their quest to escaping the Atlanta area. While they try to escape, Rick tries to get into the city (as we know in the comic book series) so the two do meet up eventually. That's more or less all I heard from this game, but I don't know why Everett and Rick have to meet up so early in the comic book series. We know there was no character he met during the comic book series so I'm not liking it so far, be better if he reached the community and then continue it in the comics. Would be better and more true to the comics. Telltale are handling this game so I'm not expecting much. Still this is a story Kirkman is writing and will be a huge thing considering this is the first time he'll ever step away from Rick but remain in the Walking Dead universe, so I'm looking forward to see the outcome. 

Whatever the outcome is, this is a huge test for Kirkman as whatever happens here will determine whether he can keep The Walking Dead series going without Rick or not.

An ending, a video game, a new character, whatever it is I want to see more of The Walking Dead and the genius behind it. Because it is giving me so much entertainment both the comics and the television over these past years and I'd have it no other way. I'm looking forward to season two of The Walking Dead coming this October giving me 13 episodes to watch; 
Seriously looking forward to the television series as three genius's are working on it. Robert Kirkman, Frank Darabont and Stephen King are all writing some episodes so I'm seriously looking forward to it. Sure it's not the comics, but its obviously established itself as a different identity from the comics and that's fine and it works. So I'm looking forward to October. 

Television, video games and comics it all good. As long as Robert Kirkman is involved. 

Cheers for reading. 


Zombie said...

I can't wait for the walking dead!! :)

Major.Mack said...

yeah im waiting for it too

20thPaul said...

I could see this going on for a while, but I would like it to end eventually. If this series never ended they'd eventually have to repeat stories and similar situations with new writers.

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