Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old World Blues Review

Well Fallout fans, another New Vegas expansion has touched down, this one entitled Old World Blues. I played and completed it and just thought i'd let you know what I thought

The story of Old World Blues takes your character to the Big MT (Or big mountain or big Empty whatever you want to call it). You are to rescue a group of scientists from pre war America, who survive as brains in jars, from an ex-member of their group Dr. Mobius. However you have been lobotomized, heartisized and spinisized ( I may have made up the last two terms but to put it simply they took your brain,heart and spine). However you can't get you're brain back because DON DON DOOOOOONNNN they flushed it down the toilet and it's now in Mobiuss hands. The brains enlist your help to stop Mobius and so on and so forth.
While great at science, The think tanks knowledge on various things

The story in this? Possibly the most interesting of the New Vegas DLC's and DEFINITLY the most funniest of all Fallout Dlcs. The opening dialogue with the various scientists was pure hilarity, at least if you enjoy the random idiocy humour in Fallout. In the first hour I
  • Had my toes and fingers mistaken from crazy irect penises
  • Was given an idea about Penis size
  • Found a Robo-sexuality easter egg (At least I think it relates to the Robo-sexuality episode of Futurama)
  • Had a robot ermm.... sexually relieve itself onto a gun of mine
  • Had a robot sexually relieve itself over my characters breathing in and out
While these may sound like crude sex jokes that rival Duke Nukem Forevers humour it's way off. Imagine Portals intelligent humour mixed with idiotic robotic humour (So a sexually confused group of Wheatleys then).
This is the VERY robot who... sexually relieved herself from my breathing. Here's a snippet from the Fallout Wiki : "Dala has a fascination with the human body, and after a Perception speech check she will admit to wanting to watch the Courier breathe. During the initial meeting with her and the other scientist upon entering The Think Tank, she will make a number of obscure to not so obscure sexual references, including several concerning female masturbation."
New Content:
The Big MT is a VERY large area. From the looks of things I'd say it's slightly smaller than what Point Lookout was which is still VERY big. There's various locations and unmarked ones. There's a lot of new weapons and armour included. Mainly this is Energy weapon related ( I assume to combat the regular guns and melee weapons of Honest Hearts). My favourite item is the Stealth Suit Mk. 3. There are various challenges hidden throughout the big MT which will upgrade selected items in your inventory. E.g. When testing the stealth armour it gives you a small sneaking boost and by the end it gives you a colossal sneaking boost. There is also a new house on offer to you in the Big MT which can include private shops, gun mods, doctors, hair dressers and of course storage space.

Nothing to lose your head over....(I chuckled at it...)
On a side note the patch that includes the compatability for the DLC has greatly improved playback. In the whole play through I only froze twice and one of them was back in the wasteland which is a huge boost compared to the horrific crash and full on ps3 data corruption I got from Honest Hearts.
Crazy huge machine gun... Check

So overall what did I think and where did it place in my Fallout DLC list?

This was definitly the best written one, in terms of comedy that is but it does have a good enough story line. The new items were great and can see myself returning here for various slaughtering of the local populace (The bad guys not the good guys)

This gets a 8.5/10 for a dlc.

The reasons being that it still had freezes and occasional lag, something which Obsidian/Bethesda although they say do it and stop freezing and lag, can't actually do but it still was entertaining all around. In terms of where it places in my favourite DLC from Fallout

  1. Point Lookout
  2. Broken Steel/Old World Blues
  3. Broken Steel/ Old World Blues
  4. The Pitt
  5. Dead Money
So you can see that I enjoyed this A LOT. Until next time ;)


LoneIslander said...

Sounds like it has some potential.

Kelli said...

flushed my brain down the toilet.... man I gotta play this one

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