Saturday, June 25, 2011

Team Fortress 2 is FREE FOR LIFE (Free Stuff pl0x)!!

Valve are so awesome (sometimes). To get folks downloading their very own PC platformer Steam they have made one of their classic games free for life. Team Fortress 2 is probably one of the best FPS multiplayer game you can find on the PC, after its pitiful  release on Xbox Live and the PSN due to amount of hackers PC became the only legitimate place to play Team Fortress 2. And now its free.

Unfortunately this free deal doesn't come on the Xbox or on the PS3, just comes on the PC for Steam. You can download Steam here, and join in on the rampage going on. 

Of course this sounds too awesome for a lot of people, but Valve quite a while back implemented a character customisation and a store for you to buy microstransaction items for macrotransactions prices. Sounds silly but this is quite a new function people need to get used to. It began with Battlefield Heroes which must have been successful considering quite a lot of game are following in their footsteps. I find it's an ok system as long as it doesn't effect the game whatsoever. 

My reaction to the news:

Maybe its time to get Gary's Mod.


LoneIslander said...

I will only be truly happy when Meet the Pyro comes out.

Adam Timmins said...

They're saving that for the re-release of the next generation consoles.

Charles said...

Meet the medic was awesome :] Free TF2 is awesome too! A lot of new people to play with :]

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