Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dark Knight Rises Discussion (Beware Spoilers)

"So.....yea, Dark Knight Rises. Totally not like, movie of the year or...something." Is what I would say if I was dickhead. Well, bigger dickhead. But the point I am trying to make is that this film must be a benchmark for closing trilogies as spectacular as this did. I mean not a lot of movie franchises remain as consistent as this trilogy, actually, scrap that barely any movies can compare to Christopher Nolan's Batman. These films are something that will stand the test of time a lot like the Star War's trilogy. But, there wont be a lot of knock off's and such. Well, lets hope not...

Actually a more suitable comparison would be to compare Nolan's Batman to the Godfather trilogy. And I know what you're thinking, the Godfather never had a trilogy it was two movies and that's that, well for just this once we're going to include Godfather 3. Now when we think of the two Godfather movies we think of the second one mainly because it was so fucking good, pretty much being a benchmark for amazing storytelling. Again we can easily compare this to the Dark Knight the second movie to Nolan's Batman, an amazing introduction to Batman's arch nemesis the Joker who was played by the late and great Heath Ledger. Arguably the best in the trilogy, a lot like the second Godfather movie. Now in comes Godfather 3, and we're given a completely different Michael Corleone, and it sucks, plain and simple. It just doesn't keep up with the standards of the second or the first and that is exactly why it is forgotten and why no one will consider it worth watching. Batman's third entry is probably the most unforgettable out of the three movies.

Basically in Godfather 3 Mario Puzzo and Francis Ford Coppola should have stopped at its peak. Was it possible to make a good sequel to the Godfather 2? Well they tried and failed and because of this many people will forget the amazing accolades the Godfather achieved. Such as both films getting preservation in the United States National Film Registry, the boatload of Oscars they achieved and Stanley Kubrick naming the first Godfather movie as the greatest movie ever made. As for Nolan's third entry on Batman we can see a potential future of this being one of this century's best movie trilogies.

So the legacy of Nolan's Batman is always going to be filled with awesome memories and amazing actors portraying the best villains against Batman. The Dark Knight Rises being the most unusual in its selection of villains but in my opinion and entirely my own is that I prefer Bane over the Joker. I'll even go as far to say that The Dark Knight Rises is my personal favourite Batman movie entirely because it just goes all out. Nolan holds back quite a lot in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight to keep the reality levels of the movie in check and to make sure the movie isn't too over the top. For The Dark Knight Rises both Christopher and Jonathan Nolan decided to say 'Fuck it! It's our last hurrah on making this series, why the fuck not?' and put Gotham right in the hands of the villains, making it a royal shit storm for Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Sure The Dark Knight Rises is flawed, not immensely flawed, small flaws in the plot make it slightly annoying and hard to contrast to the bullet proof (plot wise) Dark Knight. Hell I'm sure gonna give it another go and enjoy the fuck out of Bane once more and maybe see how the film holds up a second time around. So now you can stop reading, and have my permission to comment your opinions...


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