Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why did previous Punisher movies fail? Because they were made by idiots...

Ok Lionsgate, you had your fun with the movie rights of Frank Castle and everything related to The Punisher. Now is the time for you to give it away so Thomas Jane and possibly Ron Perlman to make the best Punisher movie possible. 

Now I'm going to be honest, I have seen neither of the two Punisher movies mainly due to the terrible reception from Punisher fans which there is a boatload of. I just didn't seem convinced by the trailers and other promotions for both of those films, they tried to appear more action orientated than they should have. And this is painful to watch as Frank Castle isn't a hard character to portray, I mean there is tons of stuff from the source material they can use. Take Garth Ennis's work on the Punisher which I believe was a nine year run, his work got Frank Castle bang on. 

Garth Ennis is known for quite a few Punisher story arcs but one of my favourite is from issue 50 volume 6 onwards. That was the arc when they introduced Barracuda again and was out for Frank Castle, but the major twist in the story was that Barracuda had Frank's daughter. Unbeknownst to Frank of his daughters existence Frank had to make some big decisions. A pretty cool arc to introduce new Punisher fans to the awesome Frank, but my personal favourite is Garth Ennis's work in The Slavers. An awesome scene in that where Frank repeatedly bashes a women against an apartment window from seven odd stories up. And that's just two examples of awesome story arcs! 

Well there is no excuse when you make a shit Punisher movie Lionsgate, you have the audience and the right source material so either get Thomas Jane back or fuck off. Best possible Punisher movie being made would have Jane starring and Ennis in the writing department, man a boy could dream. Either way Jane and Perlman have made a statement with this short ten minute clip and it mainly revolves around "fuck you Hollywood".

Anyone else think this would make an awesome Jack Daniels commercial? Also read this...


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