Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Terraria Review

I've been very inactive on the Blarg for the last while. I'd like to explain why.
The first day the Steam Summer Sale began, Terraria, the 2D sandbox, went on sale for €2.50. Being a person who owns 3 Minecraft accounts (I got one for free and bought an extra one for €10 in case you think I sent Mojang €30 extra) I never thought I'd buy Terraria, the fact that it was 2D always made me feel it would be something lesser than Minecraft considering how it's an entire dimension shorter and due to the lack of noise that I heard (or rather didn't hear) I really didn't think that it could be THAT good. I was wrong. Oh so very very wrong and it's become one of my most played games on Steam in the space of 2 weeks.
Terraria is a sandbox game from indie producers "Relogic". It's hard to not compare this game to Minecraft but that's because they have so many similarities. Graphics wise, gameplay wise and more. The game involves mining, crafting and building just like Minecraft does only there's so much more stuff to do.

Minecraft has 5 tiers of items, Wood, stone, iron, gold and diamond. Terraria on the other hand has way more than double that. Wood, copper, iron, silver, gold, meteor, lava, shadow, hallowed, mythril, adamantie, cobalt, hero and that's just some of the armour classes, there is also a variety of other clothing options such as top hats, wings (Both demonic and angelic) and even the hero's garb from Zelda. Weapons wise there's also a lot more to choose from. For example, you got your basic swords, bows and spears. The weapons list however, also includes handguns, rifles, shotguns, lazer rifles, flails, boomerangs, star cannons and even more. Accessories are also welcome such as rocket boots, grappling hooks and various others that can be used to influence combat. Where combat is concerned, it's a lot more diverse. Potions and spells can easily turn the tide of battle between you and your variety of foes such as goblins, demons, mutant slimes and more.  The game has a variety of other bosses, something which I felt Minecraft was lacking (The repetitive pattern of the Ender Dragon hardly makes it a boss. More of a test of how you can press space, left click and another direction button). The bosses are also diverse and challenging raging from a demonic eye of Cthullu to a flying Wvyren high in the skys.
Skeletron, one of the games many bosses
The building is a lot more diverse with a variety of other features you can add to your house such as bath tubs, bins and more. In Terraria, you have the oppertunity to recruit NPCs to live in houses you yourself have built, be it a shoddy room in the dungeon of  your tower or a beautiful mansion for your merchants. This  creates a more active atmosphere in your home as a once quiet shack can quickly become noisy manor.
The graphics and music are both equally charming. The music fits the theme of exploration perfectly and has fitting and well written music for the bosses. The graphics also are also reminiscent of the 16bit Minecraft graphics. Just like Minecraft, Terraria has a collosal dedicated community who are commited to making texture packs and mods from the likes of Fallout to Zelda and even mods which further continue the game. This is especially welcome as the Terraria developers have ceased development of the game. 

Overall, If you haven't already guessed, Terraria has given the bums rush to Minecraft in terms of it's position in my heart. Terraria has now taken it's place. It has way more to do, a lot more customization and a more involving battle system. I highly recommend that if you ever have an extra €10 to spend or even less if there's a special on offer. 


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