Sunday, July 29, 2012

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Information Review

"Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale" is a game that's been the source of a lot of controversy in the gaming world and it's essentialy been declared a Smash Bros. copy from a variety of sources. However that doesn't sway me when it comes to my opinion of it. While I of course agree that they're similar in a number of aspects, Nintendo doesn't own the genre. Hell if you think about it, Marvel Vs. Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken are similar games also. The idea is simaler to that of Smash Bros, smash the shit out of people, try not to die, rinse and repeat. However instead of the likes of Mario and Link we're given characters like Jak and Daxter and Nathan Drake. Personally I'm VERY excited for this game and a recent leak has only made me MORE excited for this game. A variety of characters (Both first party and beyond) have been announced for this game. The characters being;

  • Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
  • Cole MgCrath (Infamous)
  • Kratos (God Of War)
  • Fat Princess (Fat Princess)
  • Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
  • Heiachi Mishima (Tekken)
  • Big Daddy (Bioshock)
  • Sly (Sly Cooper)
  • Jak and Daxter (Jak and Daxter)
  • Colnel Radec (Killzone)
  • Toro and
  • Dj Pararapa
All but two of those characters are enough to send me into a frenzy for this game. I'm a big fan of Infamous, Tekken, Twisted Metal and hell even Fat Princess. The rest are simply icing on the cake.
However there has been a massive leak recently (Please bear in mind this hasn't been confirmed) One person using the beta of the game has searched through the files and found a variety of interesting bits of information. For example, a level list. 
  • Alden’s Tower (Infamous)
  • Black Rock Stadium (Twisted Metal)
  • Columbia (BioShock Infinite)
  • Dojo (Parappa the Rapper)
  • Dreamscape (LittleBigPlanet)
  • Franzea (LocoRoco)
  • Hades (God of War)
  • Invasion (Killzone)
  • Metropolis (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Paris (Sly Cooper)
  • Sandover (Jak & Daxter)
  • San Francisco (Resistance)
  • Stowaways (Uncharted)
  • Time Station (Ape Escape)
Obviously if these levels have been included it means someone from that particular series will be playable. Aldens tower, Black Rock Stadium, Dreamscape and Time Station have me most excited at the moment. Also the main chunk of meat from this leak. A revised character list. 
  • Big Daddy(BioShock)*
  • Colonel Radec (Killzone)
  • Dante (DMC)
  • Evil Cole (Infamous)
  • Fat Princess (Fat Princess)
  • Good Cole (Infamous)
  • Heihachi (Tekken)
  • Jak & Daxter (Jak & Daxter)
  • Kratos (God of War)
  • Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
  • Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
  • Parappa the Rapper (Parappa the Rapper)
  • Raiden (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Ratchet (& Clank?) (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet)
  • Sir Daniel Fortesque (MediEvil)
  • Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper)
  • Spike (Ape Escape)
  • Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)
  • Toro (Sony Icon)
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
E3 Trailer
Now I'm even more excited. Ratchet, Dante, Raiden, Sackboy and Spike are all from games that I love. Ape Escape 1 was the 2nd console game I got for my PS1 so I'm very excited to play as him. As of now, I think that the roster is shaping up to make this a VERY impressive game. However characters I would like to see; 
Crash Bandicoot
Spyro The Dragon
A Final Fantasy character
Solid/ Naked Snake
At the moment I think it's very likely I'll get my wish but either way I can't wait to pick this up on my VITA on the 24th of October!


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