Thursday, July 19, 2012

EA is in the Shitter!

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Wow, if two years of secondary level education of economics has taught me anything is that this graph could not possibly be a good thing. Now we know recently THQ are also in the shitter business wise but I wonder when EA will announce they're in the same level as shit as them. It's hard to estimate considering I'm not Michael Pachter or.......any other stock person.....

I believe this sort of thing has been going on for a while now, EA's stock has been hugely dropping over the coming months and I wonder when this will affect any of there games. Well it's sort of been affecting their games considering they were taking down the multiplayer for some along with the servers of others.. But then I realised, I haven't bought an EA game since 2010 and I don't like any of their franchises. So right now I couldn't really give a fuck, they can eat shit and die for all I care. 

I guess the folks to be concerned would be the guys who work at EA and to any fans who like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Battlefield, Medal of Honor (lol), Fifa and the rest. 

Oh wait I do like Mirrors Edge, if they make a sequel to that they wont be on my shit list but you know they'll probably still be on the shit list business wise. 


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