Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Promo's

As this years Comic Con comes to an end we're usually given more information on the things we play, watch and read. So for me one thing I was sure to keep an eye on was one my favourite shows and that is Sons of Anarchy. This show is fucking awesome, a lot of people overlook this big time because they look at the exterior roll their eyes and continue watching something which they believe has more substance. And to those people I say fuck you. 

With Sons of Anarchy people's initial impressions are usually style over substance, but as the show proves otherwise season after season I cant help but think a ton of people are missing out. Ok sure, it might not be the next Breaking Bad and it surly doesn't compare itself to Mad Men but sometimes I just wanna watch a show with a great story followed by enough action and twists in the plot to keep my attention. Basically I want a show that is consistently paced the same throughout and doesn't feel like a chore to watch at times and is just fun overall. SOA offer's that and for that I have become incredibly loyal to the biker show.

So obviously I am excited for season five and with the assurance of a sixth season I am digging these new clips they have released.

This video is an interesting metaphor. Is Gemma intervening in club business, with the intentions to protect Jax, but is harming him herself? We'll know in September....


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