Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rotten Tomatoes Closes 'Dark Knight Rises' Comments

Yep, the most anticipated movie this year has become so big the site was forced to close its entire comments system on the reviews of this movie. A ton of hate and well....hate on the rotten reviews of this movie has become unmanageable for the folks at Rotten Tomatoes, is it a surprise? Nope.

Rotten Tomatoes is a huge review aggregator for all movies. Recently critics were allowed to publish there reviews for the Dark Knight Rises and the majority has been pretty positive standing at 86 fresh and 12 rotten. But of course with those twelve rotten reviews fanboys and others with ridiculously high expectations expressed their hate and distaste for the reviews for a movie they haven't even seen yet. Some even going as far to send death threats to the critics. It's all very silly but it doesn't surprise me. While looking at a review for some random movie a while back on the site I saw that one guy was copying and pasting his comment on all of the rotten reviews. This was not only sad, but I thought it was a little excessive as I remember correctly all the reviews for that particular movie were rotten. 

But then again maybe one for two of these comments are constructive criticism on the critics reviews. Hey, some people make bad reviews its not uncommon. Plus you do tend to find critics who intentionally separate themselves from the crowd usually to make themselves looking distinctive or just to make a name for themselves. Yea, those guys are assholes.

But what I take from this is that people have ridiculously high expectations for this movie and for those people I say it is physically impossible for this film to be better than its predecessor. Well, I mean it could be your personal favourite but I think overwhelming majority of fans will go with the Dark Knight just because of Heath Ledgers performance. I mean it was flawless. 

Personally I am going in with very low expectations considering I couldn't understand a word Bane said in all the trailers but then again I barely watched any trailers. Either way I'm looking forward to see it on Saturday.

P.S. Some critics are spoiling the movie, don't read them unless you made sure they're spoiler free. 


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