Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Metro: Last Light Demo looks more Horror orientated!

One game that seems to be wistfully building anticipation is the very distinct Ukraine made Metro: Last Light. Over the past few months publisher THQ were experiencing major problems in finance which sadly pushed the game a whole year back in to development. There has been very few trailers being released (except for that one awesome short film they made) and most of the media coming out of Metro: Last Light have been demos and each one represents the new features of the game. This has been very effective and far more reassuring than its predecessor Metro 2033. 

Metro: Last Light is thankfully keeping all the great stuff of the original while improving the core overall experience. The major issue of Metro 2033's gameplay was the clunky controls, flawed stealth system and bullet sponges for enemies. Earlier demo entries reveal that they have already fixed this problem, which you can view here

However the E3 demo is now finally revealed in all its glory, and I am stoked for the release of this game. Metro 2033 was one of my favourite games of 2010 with its creepy survival horror elements while keeping the action varied and interesting. I can't wait to return to the Metro and enjoy a true post-apocalyptic video game. 


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