Thursday, August 5, 2010

BioShock 2 Gets An All NEW Exspansion!

Finally the story of BioShock 2 continuous with Minerva's Den where players take hold of an all new character to assist Brigid Tenebaum to fight a dictator on an all new location in the city of Rapture.
"Minerva's Den is a substantial addition that will give players more of what they're looking for: more story, more narrative, more gameplay and more of Rapture," says Christoph Hartman president of 2k Games."The core team has created an exciting product that further enhances the mystery and allure of the world of Rapture. Minerva's Den will be a fitting conclusion to the BioShock 2 saga." This pack will have new weapons, new Splicers, Plasmids, security bots and a new type of Big Daddy.

This is the dlc I was looking forward too I cant wait for this, I wonder who play us and what happens to Tenebaum? Its gonna be an interesting expansion and a must buy from me!


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