Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Look Daddy Its You....."

Just recently picked up one of the line of dolls Neca are doing for BioShock 2, but im not big on there action figure series but I adore the two Delta & Bouncer replica plush dolls. The price is somewhat fair of $20 for a nice detailed and iconic plush doll .This is a pretty cute doll exactly the one Eleanor is holding in the introduction cut scene , its not as polished as it looks the soft parts are really filthy including the baseball with smudges of dirt all around it, its pretty cool but dont put it in the wash, what I really like is the small little bit of seaweed on the watches screen its a nice touch as if it just came out of the ocean. 
I really love this beauty, its right on my shelf beside my Sounds From The Lighthouse record and its a must have for any BioShock freaks such as myself!


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