Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gears Of War #13 Farewell Liam Sharp

Gears Of War #13 is not only the last episode of Barren its also the last time Liam Sharp does the art for the comics. This is some of his finest work on this comic, it really feels like a crazy sci fi action movie. The silhouettes and shading is incredibly impressive something you would expect out of Liams great work but the background detail is just something, its a great conclusion it was pretty intense for a comic and the character departure's where one I didnt expect.
Liam Sharp art style was perfect for the Gears Of War series and none could say otherwise, he contributed so much and he will be missed. Another who will be departing will be Joshua Ortega the comic series writer his final issue will will be #14 and will be released in October. As for where the comic will go after #14 is a an exciting one taking over from Joshua will be much loved Karen Travis who wrote the Gears Of War novels and will be assisted by artist Leonardo Manco. There debut issue should be #15. Im pretty excited to see what Karen is going to do with the comics hopefully she will bring Alex into the comics (hope she enters Gears Of War 3 too).

As for Leonardo Manco taking over he isint knew to Gears Of War he assisted on #11 where the art kept changing page after page, it became pretty stupid and annoying some of the art was really good but it kept taking dramatic changes. Manco's art was ok it wasn't perfect and it didn't compare to Sharps drawing, but that doesnt mean hes completely hopeless. The front cover to #14 looks incredibly impressive and the issue is about Jace Stratton entering the COG military, which I think is a nice departure from Joshua Ortega since Jace is his creation. Here's hoping many more comics will be as good as Sharp's and Ortega.


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