Sunday, August 8, 2010

Halo Reach Vs Black Ops Vs Medal Of Honor

The first half of the year is cramped with blockbuster games but the big names is the big three Halo, Call Of Duty and Medal Of Honor. Its obvious which one is gonna sell more either Call Of Duty or Medal Of Honor since there going to be multi platform but which one is going to be the biggest? Are much loved Activision CEO Bobby Kotick says Black Ops will sell more than Modern Warfare 2 (he must be smoking some bad weed) but will it really? And will Medal Of Honor get the critical success of Modern Warfare 2?
These question will all be answered this year my speculation is that Black Ops will top both of them but wont get anywhere near Modern Warfare 2, Medal Of Honor will not get the critical success that it is hoping for and Halo Reach will capture the Bungie Junkie's as always but as for the rest its just another Halo and I doubt it will do well other than the true fans. Either way im not really looking forward to these title's unless we see some really cool stuff from Call Of Duty or Medal Of Honor. 


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