Monday, August 16, 2010

Blast From The Past: the Amazing Spider-man #33 and Detective Comics #313

Just recently I picked up Detective Comics issue 313 at the local comic book store for 20 euro, not bad for quite an old issue but I couldn't refuse, the very series that started Batman and Robin from 1963? Sure as hell gonna pick that up. What also came to me today was #33 of the Amazing Spider-man volume 1 of course from 1965 a historic and iconic issue of Spider-man and one of Steve Ditko's very best work.

This video talk about Ditkos art in this comic and one of my favourite novelist Neil Gaiman, being a fan also, talks about how the art is the finest in the industry. I really enjoyed this comic its opening is amazing and the moral values it teaches in this comic is really great, its quite nice to add a Steve Ditko comic to the bunch because he is, in all fairness, a legend and a great artist. The oldest comic I have on record is Detective Comic #131 which is quite a nice issue one I have never came across before, the art itself is quite typical for its time however the costumes of Batman and Robin seem so bizarre in this issue. Its hard to explain to be honest, its like a baby drawn a few scribbles and Jack Kirby drawn powering Galactus and then someone compared them, the characterises of Batman and Robin are classic at heart but are defiantly ahead of its time. I learned alot out of that issue and thoroughly satisfied that I bought it. 


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