Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mafia 2 Demo Impressions

Mafia 2 hit Xbox Live on the 10th of August in which I have been anticipating highly since I have heard word about it. So since I finally got a stab at it, what do I think? Two words, Freakin Awesome.
Now im huge on gangster movies I just love them and in a sense Mafia style movies dominate the movie industry critically and box office wise. So will that experience ever come to the gaming industry?
If you have been following the developers commentary its pretty evident that they take alot of influence from alot of mob movies and taking the traditional route with the game with voice actors and obviously setting. Now the 2k Czech haven't done anything revolutionary with this game, its the typical sandbox game similar to Red Dead Redemption and GTA with alot little perks also, other than the customizable cars and clothes alot of touches like bribing the police and pick locking a car is a nice add on. 
Ultimately Mafia 2 focus's on storyline, characters and setting to thrive and from what we have seen this is classic mob tale and nothing else to it. Im defiantly looking forward to this game I have a fetish for games like these so its an instant buy for me.  
You know its a pitty no game has picked up from this setting before which is somewhat a surprise but its great to see Rockstar contributing with L.A Noire which I think will be ten times better than Red Dead Redemption. 
But for now "..forget about it". 


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