Sunday, August 8, 2010

Im Interested In To Comics!

You know people ask me why im interested into comic's and why im even bother to buy them, well I guess its an thing I have enjoyed since I was 10/12 where I collected The Amazing Spider-Man but since it became too difficult to buy them, and always seem to buy them too late, ive kinda just got too annoyed when I missed an issue and didnt arse myself to travel so far to get them. So I traded with a few friends got The Avengers and the Justice League vs Avengers and a few Batman comics you know the classic characters but eventually became to dry and stopped but of course I was young and went onto different interests but alas I couldn't refuse when I bared my eyes on a front cover of Spider-Man in the middle of a fight between Venom and some new character called Anti Venom, I was intrigued by this new character and couldn't resist myself from buying it, the giant flashback of me being 10 years old reading Spider-Man rushed through my mind and enjoying all of the art and dialogue was awesome so right now the pact stands to continue to buy the amazing Spider-Man.
But of course it didnt stop at Spider-Man, Anti Venom drawn my attention into him and realized that he had his own mini series of comics I picked up part 3 and 2 in the comic book store however part 1 was not present but I wasnt going to give up Anti Venom was way to cool to ignore so ebay helped a ton on getting me the entire mini series. So setting up an ebay account wasnt the most smartest thing for my wallet, classic comics became a new interest for me going into my local store to buy Thor and Captain America bronze age comics became cheap and interesting but until I began to pick at bigger prizes is where it became fully interesting. My childhood like many others consisted of sitting in front of the T.V for hours on end (and a bit of Mario) but I never truly liked the Spider-Man animated series I dont know it was just to childish for me (yea I know I was a child but I found it a bit stupid) I loved however the Silver Surfer animated series now that was the shit!My generation was incredibly deep. So now the Silver Surfer IS my favourite super hero of ALL TIME sure Spider-Man is amazing and huge part of my childhood however the Silver Surfer storyline dwelve on such deep emotion that the character never had from his troubled life on a perfect planet.
My comic reach goes to ANYTHING im a Gears Head so im always on them of course and Kane and Lynch just might get there but im always looking out for classics, right now they consist of Thor, Captain America and the Silver Surfer my prized issue (at the moment) is issue fifty of the Fantastic Four: The Startling Saga Of The Silver Surfer. My ideal issue is one I haven't gotten yet and is right in my reach, issue 14 of the Silver Surfer with guest Spider-Man and Captain America! Im onto it and im getting it soon! So right now my fascination of comics lies on classic comics in the silver age. So right now you know my current statues on comics and what I hope to aim! 


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