Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blast From The Past:The Fantastic Four #50 Review!

One comic I just recently got was The Fantastic Four #50 the last issue of the Galactus trilogy and will make a nice addition into my Silver Surfer pile, now mind you im a massive fan of the Silver Surfer so I had to check out the issue where the Silver Surfer departs from Galactus and gets disbanded on earth. The issue continues from #49 where the Silver Surfer has been convinced that Galactus feast on Earth is evil and wrong in which he confronts him. The Surfer pleads Galactus to leave earth and feed on another planet, however since he does not see the necessity of the human race and he is above good and evil he sees no remorse for his actions, meanwhile the Watcher has sent Johnny throughout the galaxy on a quest to find The Ultimate Nullifyer a device so powerful it can destroy an entire galaxy, including Galactus.
This issue is a classic, containing strong storyline and some incredibly interesting and powerful characters. I enjoyed this issue because it shows not only the vulnerability of Galactus but to show a good and trustworthy side of him too, not only Galactus but I found that the entire belief and foundation of the Silver Surfer comes from this issue which is why I suppose its called The Startling Saga Of The Silver Surfer. This is one of my favorite issues of the Silver Surfer and will  be looking out for the two remaining issues!
Overall im incredibly satisfied with this purchase of $40. Out of 5: ★ ★ ★ ★ 


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