Friday, August 13, 2010

BioShock Infinite Will Put The Series Straight.

Have you heard?? Oh I assumed everyone heard that BioShock Infinite is going to blow your mind away!! Its true when Cliff Blezinski says that Ken Levine is the man because he somewhat is just check this sexy ass trailer.

Its pretty crazy right? Like why in gods name would they even call it BioShock? Well its because Take Two Interactive want to make BioShock a franchise kinda like Star Wars. So people where Shocked (see what I did there?) at the announcement since we kinda expected that Ken Levine was finished with BioShock, but he is and he isint at the same time, he say's that this IS NOT a prequel and brushes off question's relevant to BioShock, saying that it isint necessary at this point of its press release. So that question still stand, is Infinite the same universe of the first BioShock? Probably. 
So the announcement went with a demo demonstrating how the game was played unfortunately this was not released to the public and can read on Kotaku. It sounds quite incredible to be honest and im really looking forward to it but a 2012 release? Ouch that hurts but still a day one purchase.
So what will happen to Rapture? the Splicers? the Bid Daddy's? Well I dont think its time to say farewell yet, 2k Marin is apparently set there list for a BioShock 3 and Take Two Interactive have already pretty much leaked that information so we more than likely will see a Rapture return soon enough.
I think true BioShock fans will love this sure Rapture was great but from BioShock 2 we know that Rapture can oddly get tiresome its something we have already seen and after all BioShock was supposed to be about atmosphere and setting not about Rapture.
BioShock is all about old retro posters and genetic powers from the tip of your fingers and thats exactly what Infinite will be portraying alot of people will be confused from this announcement and I expect them to be this is a new engine, a new city and there is two years from release, this game should make you jizz your pants!


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