Thursday, June 16, 2011

BioShock Infinite Diary - Factions At War (New Gameplay Footage)

Ken Levine once again talks about BioShock Infinite in this developer diary focusing on the main faction of the game, the Vox Populi otherwise known as the Anarchists. The leader is Daisy Fitzroy who, with her miltia, aims to take down the The Founders and its leader Z.H. Comstock, the founder of the city of Columbia. Fitzroy also wants Elizabeth the women who you swear to protect throughout the city. You don't necessarily take sides in the game, but Comstock is apparently the key to help Elizabeth control her powers. Which means the first part of the game is to reach Comstock with Elizabeth. 

Daisy Fitzroy speaks out to the Vox Populi.
Not much is known about the storyline of BioShock Infinite, but to me it's one those rare games that I just choose not to read up because I feel that it will be much more satisfying by just digging into it on its release day. The less you know, the better is all I'm trying to say. I played BioShock and knew nothing about it and it became much more satisfying because it allowed me to dig deeper into the plot by picking up audio diaries and just playing the game over and over again. 

I am seriously looking forward to this game, this was by far the best game at the show at E3 and I only saw a little bit of footage. All the other sites that got to see the full demo at E3 handed it game of the show and it wasn't even playable. Check out the E3 trailer here: 


linkszee said...

Can't wait until I play this game!

Charles said...

Sigh... I should probably get out and preorder this somewhere.

Adam Timmins said...

Too many games, I know...

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