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E3 2011: Microsoft's Press Conference Review

So to begins this years E3 is as always Microsoft. Microsoft ended last year on a high note with some great games such as Gears Of War 3, Halo Reach and Fable 3. We got a good balance between Kinect and the core games and the show was overall enjoyable. Leading up to E3 this year was a confusing one, it was either going to go both ways. Kinect hardcore games was going be to announced or we were goning to get more first party games (exclusives) coming at us. I have to say neither was what I expected was coming up, check out what happened below. 

So Microsoft opened up with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as they did last year with Call of Duty: Black Ops, each year they seem to get less climatic since Modern Warfare 2. Check it out here: 

Adam's thoughts: "Its nothing new, same COD experience which exactly what I expected. Still interesting though I like the setting and how your constantly moving from different environments, the environments are cool as always so I'm just going to wait for some multiplayer footage until I can confirm this decision of buying it."  

Paul's thoughts: "Agree that MW3 is the usual Cod experience i.e explosions, on rail moments and, well more explosions. I'm interested with their version of Horde which will accompany Spec Ops and will wait to hear about the multiplayer before I decide to buy it."

Next up, another third party game Tomb Raider. The reboot debut its gameplay at the Microsoft press event and here is how it looked:

Adam's thoughts: "Have to admit she is still sexy, though you cant have an ugly looking one in a game now can we? Other than the looks the game looks pretty good, I am liking how they're implementing the survival theme into their game and mixing it with the usual puzzles of a Tomb Raider game. I'll have to look at this more if I consider a purchase, its not the kind of game to show off in 5 minutes."

Paul's thoughts: "She grunts, A LOT. Kinda suggestive if you ask me. Never been a fan of the series but I guess for fans it looked pretty decent."

EA then came out and revealed that there games such as The Sims, Fifa and Madden will feature Kinect support. No demo's were revealed but from here on out the show basically became a Kinect festival.

Adam's thoughts: "I dont play any of these games, so I'm not too concerned with these list of titles though I would like to see some for The Sims, my mind keeps telling me that there is going to be some innovation here."

Paul's thoughts: "Guess it would make controlling the goalkeeper more realistic. I guess I'd have to see it in action to see if it's any good I'll stick to my controller thanks very much."

BioWare finally came out to take centre stage to reveal their Mass Effect 3 demo except with an all new addition to the game, Kinect. Yes that's right Kinect will feature in the upcoming Mass Effect that his hitting shelves next year. Check out the demo here:

Adam's thoughts: "Bllaaaaahh! More Kinect, out of the whole show this was the most impressive to use the bloody thing. The way you command your troops is cool, but the way you select what you want to say seems stupid. I mean it only takes me a millisecond to select what you want, so it seems like a waste of breath to select it using Kinect. Its nice, though I don't think this will get hardcore Mass Effect fans to buy Kinect. "

Paul's thoughts: " Now, I LOVE Mass Effect and this actually seems to be implemented in a good way. More voice control and less waving your arms around like a clown. Still don't know if it would push me to get Kinect. I get Kinect when I have more than one game I can use it with. Still, Mass Effect 3 will be Epic regardless."

Ghost Recon Future Soldier then came on with a demo once again showing off Kinect features and a big announcement that revealed all Tom Clancy games will use Kinect support. Check it out here:

Adam's thoughts: "Yay(sarcasm)!! More Kinect, just what I needed (more sarcasm!)! Ok this had some nice features and started off really well. The way he was using his voice and using his arms going through the accessories was pretty awesome like in Iron Man. It was really responsive with the voice which was really cool but then it got to the gameplay, and the guy transformed into a really awkward stance. You had to put yourself into a certain position and open your hand in and out to shoot, looked crazy therefore I don't like it. "

Paul's thoughts: "I've been waiting for news about Ghost Recon: Future Soldier since I got the last Splinter Cell game, which gave passage into the Ghost Recon Beta (Scheduled for LAST summer and never happened). I like how Kinect is used to configure your weapons through voice and movement but watching the developer control the aiming and shooting looked extremely awkward to me. In this case, I'd just like the voice control. The game looks good and can't wait for it to be released."

Next up Microsoft announced that a new dashboard will be coming in for Kinect users but not just that, Youtube and Bing will be now usable on the Xbox. All you have to do is say the word and Bing searches it on your Xbox, though I'm pretty sure it only searches media on the Xbox such as movies, games and music. Another huge announcement is that Live will now have a TV service called Live TV. Not much has been specified on this announcement but it plans to team up with Sky to deliver some of your favourite TV shows.

Adam's thoughts: "Its pretty cool, yet once again its not for me. I don't have Kinect and don't plan on buying one so I guess I'm out for the dashboard update and Bing. Youtube sounds nice but once again does this have to use Kinect? Considering the updates I am guessing so. Live TV sounds nice but I already have a Sky box. So these updates are nice, but not for me.

Paul's thoughts:"If Xbox did TV, the Irish customers will probably get the shaft. Saying Xbox (whatever you're looking for) will get old REAL quick. YouTube will be cool but It begs the question, what if I don't have kinect ? What do I do then?"

Thankfully Gears Of War 3 came on stage with a new demo, Cliff Blezinski and Ice-T arrived centre stage to play the demo.

Adam's thoughts: "I love Gears, a bit too much. Sadly this demo wasn't the big reveal I was hoping for, it wasn't a huge outside the box Gears experience or anything innovated. Just the same Gears experience that I love."

Paul's thoughts:"Well, I was already excited about Gears 3, it was a decent demo. But I was hoping to see the reverse Horde mode in action."

A lot of trailers were shown for Kinect but none of them as impressive as this, Rome, sure its simple but I guess you need to start there for a Kinect game like this:

Adam's thoughts: "Its cool, but I'm waiting for a demo."

Paul's thoughts:"Not really my cup of tea."

Halo: Combat Evolved remake was a rumor to begin with but became a reality at the Microsoft press conference celebrating its 10 years in the industry, watch the trailer now:

Adam's thoughts: "Pretty cool, not the biggest Halo fan but I know its something for the fans."

Paul's thoughts:"It's not a secret that I'm a Halo fan, so I was really looking forward to this. It had been rumoured since around last December and I'm really glad the rumours were true. Fans have been asking for this for years and for the ten year anniversary, we are finally getting it. This remake will support two player online campaign co-op, with the unique feature of being able to swap between the new and old graphics in real time. Essentially there are two engines being used. The original gameplay engine which plays exactly like the original and a new graphical engine. 343i decided not to add multiplayer to it as the original code would have led to problems with online play. They do however include 7 multiplayer remakes for Halo:Reach, six for multiplayer and one Firefight (that will be very unique). I can't wait for this. Releases November 15th this year."

Minecraft is coming to Xbox Live exclusively only with Kinect unfortunately, check it here:

Adam's thoughts: "I don't like Minecraft on the PC, so I doubt Ill like it on the Xbox....with Kinect."

Paul's thoughts:"Always wanted to try Minecraft, but if it only works with kinect I guess I'll still be waiting."

The it came to some bollox about Disney and Kinect, the perfect combination!

Adams's thoughts: "Fuck off Kinect!"

Paul's thoughts: "What he said..."

Next up is Star Wars on Kinect, something a lot of people were anticipating for this event. Check it here:

Adam's thoughts: "I do not care for Star Wars....or Kinect"

Paul's thoughts:"Where's ma Battlefront 3! That's all we want!"

Even more bollox!!

Adam's thoughts: "...................."

Paul's thoughts: ".........I'm 18 years old......."

Even more bollox!!!

Adam's thoughts: "Oh come on!!!"

Paul's thoughts:"It's called playing football with your mates....outside."

Even more DANCING bollox!!

Adam's thoughts: "-.-"

Paul's thoughts:"I don't need a game to tell me that I can get down like a clown in funky town !"

And to close the show the Halo 4 teaser was shown starting a new trilogy. Made by 343 Industries and is expecting a release of next year, no news if it uses Kinect (hopefully not):

Adam's thoughts: "God-damn you Microsoft, just.....God-damn you..."

Paul's thoughts: "My finely tuned ears noticed that the voice actors are not those of the originals. I hope they're just placeholders because it was a teaser trailer. By the looks of things, they seemed to be heading into a Forerunner structure possibly a Dyson Sphere. Only time will tell."

Adam: "So is that a yes? You are looking forward to it?"

Paul: "I look forward to it in hope that 343 don't screw it up"

Adam: "So................yes?"

Paul: "Yes."

Adam: "-.-"


Adam = D- 
"Fuck off Kinect!"

Paul = D- 
"Only bumped to a D by the announcement of Halo:CE Remake.Tone down the kinect Microsoft! I know it's new but it's like us hardcore gamers are being left behind."


Zombie said...

Man, I really need to start watching the E3 coverage...

Adam Timmins said...

Its quite good, nothing like the VGA's on Spike.

Major.Mack said...

good post thanx

LoneIslander said...

Way too much Kinect. Just way too much. And Halo as well. I'm just sick of it. I'm excited as hell for Mass Effect in general though (getting it for PC rather than console anyway).

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