Sunday, June 26, 2011

Captain America has a new Saoucy Trailer

Well Captain America the First Avenger is out this time next month. Never really liked Captain America but these trailers have me captivated.


The Girl Gamer said...

I'm going to see Captain America, but I still think it's going to suck. I just don't like the actor they pick for Captain America. Captain America should be older and serious.

- The Girl Gamer

Adam Timmins said...

So true, not liking the actor whose name I wish not to speak here, but knowing Marvel they'll still pull another positive review in my book.

Charles said...

My favorite superhero! just barely beating out The Flash :]

Jozzy said...

i feel the same way as you about capt. america, but i agree that movie looks pretty sweet.

profile said...

is red skull the mortal enemy of captain america?

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