Saturday, June 11, 2011

E3 2011: Gears Of War 3 - Horde 2.0 REVEALED!!

One of the things I was highly anticipating at E3 this year was the announcement of Gears Of War 3's all new Horde mode. Last years they showed off Beast Mode, an all new perspective of the Gears universe where you take control of the Locust. Horde from Gears Of War 2 was the simple wave after wave of enemy AI's that you got to kill with your friends, Horde 2.0 is slightly different. 

In Horde 2.0 you will your 5 players against the usual wave on waves of AI, but the twist lies in the gameplay and the enemies you face. The enemies you face is a nice mix between Locust and the Lambent but not only that, every tenth wave you will face a boss. It can be anything and I really mean anything the folks at Epic Games are really challenging you on your skills because you have to face a Berserker, Lambent Berserker, Brumak and many others I'm sure they're going to announce later this year.

Another new addition is what you can do with the points you are given from killing your enemies. You can set up barriers as you gain point. In Gears Of War 2, you gained point in killing enemies but could never do anything with these points so this is quite a nice addition as you set up tactics with your friends. But before you set up barriers or any other defence mechanisms you must have a Command Post. When you get a Commend Post you are given a certain area of the map where you build barriers, turrets, decoys, sentrys and buy ammo boxes. However you can't buy these when enemies are around, so you're given a few seconds before the game starts to buy these items and barriers. 

Its a pretty slick system I must say and leaves you with a numerous of choices to fight off the waves of enemies. I certainly like the enemies you face when you reach round 10, it sounds impossible to beat multiple Berserker's let alone the one. Lambent Berserker's are also a new addition to fight off, if you have seen last years E3 demo not even a Hammer Of Dawn can kill one of these motherfuckers yet with Gears there always a way to kill something. Check the video below to see Horde 2.0 in action skip to 11:30 to see the Lambent Berserker fight. 

As we can see from the video it took a solid 10 minutes for these guys to kill a Lambent Berserker. From this video you can notice a few things from it, you now respawn if you have enough point and still go on fighting. This is probably necessary considering the amount of enemies you must face and bosses. Now Berserker's are not the only thing you have to watch out for facing Brumak's is also a huge addition to Horde 2.0. Now in the video I showed above you saw the guys quickly cleaned up the other enemies and then focused all their attention on the Lambent Berserker, in the video below they face a Brumak with a fair few amounts of weaponry except they also have to face Maulers as well. Find that quite difficult in my opinion, check it out here and scroll to 7:40:

Cheers for the read, hope to see you folks around September 20th so we can embrace getting arse raped by Lambent Berserker's. Till then folks. 


Jason Flowers said...

Man i am so hyped for this game. The beta ran better than any Gears full game multiplayer i ever played. The new Horde mode makes me want to preorder right now. Gears 3 will be the best Gears game ever made i'm calling it now! Nice article btw!

Adam Timmins said...

Cheers man :) Yea the Beta was a dream, I don't think anyone can honestly say that by the time Gears 3 comes out that they'll still prefer Gears 1 or 2. Gears 3 is shaping up to be the best and most polished Gears title ever.

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